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How to experience this site: Set yourself and your computer to “Garden Mode” to best view and experience this site. Please check back often to see how it has grown and changed.

This website was begun October 27, 2010.

Instead of presenting this website as a perfectly finished object, as if it were a static “thing” (O.K., I know, even “things” are not static), I have chosen to “go live” with this website as it is in development.

Please think of it as a garden, always with some seedlings in the nursery, some plants bearing fruit. As it grows, and with each visit, it will be slightly different. Different sections will grow at different rates and will fruit at different times. You may stop and nibble on a few things that look good, or you may find so many delicious things that you have to use your apron to carry them all home! No matter what, I hope you and the Earth Community will be well-fed.

And, please be in touch if you would like to help cultivate this garden!

Or, think of this as a construction site that slowly evolves from ideas (to blue prints) into a handsome structure. You are welcome to view all parts of this construction site – but please bring your hard hat!