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A poem “10 -40,000”

10-40,000 A poem by Kathe L. Palka, used with permission, from her book “Miracle of the Wine”. Her website is ~ Fred Hoyle’s calculation of the probability of the spontaneous origin of the 2000 proteins of 200 amino acids … Continue reading

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We Will Never Give Up on the Web of Life: Reflections on Fukushima a Year Later

by Dennis Rivers For years the antinuclear movement has been saying to the general public: pay attention to this information because this bad thing is going to happen. And now, the really bad thing has happened. What have we to … Continue reading

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Looking Back at Earth – Total Solar Eclipse from the Perspective of Space – NASA photo

This NASA photo made me realize I’d never considered what an eclipse looks like from space. Here is a beautiful photo of Mother Earth’s experience of the eclipse. It might be hard to notice at first, but look for the … Continue reading

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