Story Telling

Editor’s Notes: Story telling is another way to say oral culture or oral transmission of what it means to be human and make one’s way in this wild world. Story telling is the embodied experience of one human being relating to another, face-to-face. It is related to the Hindu concept of darshan (or darsana), a face-to-face interaction between a guru and a devotee, that activates a certain spiritual quality of consciousness. A basic story-telling example might be the special, sweet quality that is evoked when a child is read a bed time story.



Mary Ellen Hill has been story telling for over 20 years. Her main inspiration is telling the Story of the Universe. She lives in Oakland, California. She may be reached at



David Abram is an ecologist, anthropologist, and philosopher who has re-inhabited story telling in the ecology of our conversations about the future of the Earth community. He invites us humans to read the world around us, pay attention to our physical sensations as we move through this story that is the Earth community. He wrote The Spell of the Sensuous (Vintage 1996), and Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology (Pantheon, 2010). He awesome website with 4 short essays is