Brothers of Earth

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You have recently stepped up to the leadership role of the Brothers of Earth? Please tell me more about this group? Where do you want to take this group? What is your vision for the Brothers of Earth?

The Brothers of Earth is an inclusive Earth-based organization of men who come from a variety of different backgrounds. It started in 1997, co-founded by Jim Conlon and John Surette, with their first gathering held at the Genesis Farm Center of Ecology in New Jersey. As a group we convene every two years at selected locations around the country for a long weekend of discussion, presentations, contemplation and plans of action. Our intention is to draw more men into the group who share the life-embracing, cosmological vision of Thomas Berry.

The next scheduled gathering will be was held June 7–10, 2012 here in Dayton at the Marianist retreat house, a beautiful facility surrounded with forest and prairie on an extensive area sculpted by the last glacial age some 10,000 years ago. I am very excited to host this event in June together with Jim Conlon of Sophia, John Surette and Maurice Lange. Steve Dunne, CP, a long-time friend and colleague of Thomas Berry for fifty years, will be was the facilitator for the gathering. The details of the weekend are being worked out as we speak. More information about this weekend is available on the new website:

My vision of where to take the Brothers of Earth is to grow it in number and in heart and to develop a closer bond with the feminine, possibly the Sisters of Earth (a large successful gathering of women who come together every two years like us). I believe that it is critical to have the feminine connection always present in the Great Work as Thomas Berry calls it so as to maintain a healthy balance of Earth. Women need to have a larger role in the present and future. The Brothers need to create a more inclusive foundation for the future.

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