Brian Thomas Swimme

Brian is one of the main people with whom to study in order to understand the cosmological shift necessary to a new cosmology. He is a scientist, writer, teacher, storyteller, spiritual-seeker, a man of great intellect, humor and grace, with a sprinkling of indigenous-style “coyote” energy. His modest website is The Center for the Story of the Universe at

Brian teaches graduate courses at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, California.

He leads retreats. Often, but not always, his current schedule is at

He has written many books (listed here with the Library of Congress Catalog Record link):

He has hosted this (analog) audio conversation:

He has produced many video series. This is the best way to experience his work. He is on-fire with the material, most especially on Canticle to the Cosmos.

  • Canticle to the Cosmos
  • Earth’s Imagination
  • Hidden Heart of the Cosmos
  • Powers of the Universe