Allysyn Kiplinger, MA

Founder, Designer & Editor

 A native of the San Francisco bay area Allysyn Kiplinger was born into a Unitarian-Universalist, folk singing, animal-loving, co-op shopping, summer-traveling, horticultural family, with 12 cousins on one side and 11 on the other – who lived all over the United States. Traveling from California to Maryland every summer with her mom to visit family, she grew-up crossing the beautiful North American continent, either watching it mysteriously glide past from an airplane window, or driving across it while camping. Two different ways to directly experience the same land.

She studied Anthropology, Women’s Studies, and Folklore at the University of California, Berkeley (B.A., 1985) while living in the student co-ops (OY!);  was the 1990 Earth Day Chair for Oakland, California; and studied at Schumacher College in Devon, England from 1992-1993. She earned an M.A. in 2004 (begun in 1994) in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) with Dr. Brian Swimme.

Self-employed since 1985, she has been a printer, a natural soap maker, a green-building renovator, and a board member of ecological non profits. Her current passion is extending the practical cosmological vision of Thomas Berry. Applied cosmology and environmental philosophy are the organizing passions of her life.

EcozoicTimes.Com was begun in late October 2010 under clear skies and a waning gibbous moon by Allysyn as a way to fulfill a dream.

Thomas Berry and Allysyn Kiplinger, November 1-3, 2002 at a cosmology conference hosted by CIIS in Berkeley, CA. Photo by Caroline Webb.

Thomas Berry with DC, MEH, and Allysyn Kiplinger at Santa Sabina Conference Center, San Rafael, CA, October 18, 1998. Photo by Bill Collins.

Personal Statement:

“For years – decades! – I’ve been studying with great thinkers at conferences, classes, and workshops all over the world who are attempting to understand and articulate ‘our current moment between stories’, as Thomas would say.

From all these people, places, and events I’ve been collecting resources, books, booklets, directories, photos, art, music, audio tapes, fliers – which I always dreamed of organizing into some sort of resource center. My dream has become a reality with the loving support of friends, the miracle of the internet, and easy-to-use programs like Word Press – the modern equivalent of a printing press, a megaphone, a soap box, a can of paint, a mimeograph machine – as well as endless direction from my higher power, Creative Spirit.

I am concerned that the ephemeral nature of the digital world will evaporate from reality if catastrophe destroyed our civilization – making the wisdom and vision that has begun to be collected here unavailable to archaeologists of the future (remember – I studied anthropology). My web wizard D.R. suggested I not worry about that future just yet and instead focus on getting the word out to the current batch of living folks. That seems like a reasonable direction – for now!”

Mascots and Walking-Thinking Companions

Nova the Dog (b.~1997, adopted 2003, d. 2012), Kosmo the Cat (b.~2005, he adopted us 2007), Terra the Dog (b.~1999, adopted 2009), all three together