Editorial Philosophy and Policy

We intend to stay oriented toward the definition of “Ecozoic” offered by Thomas Berry.

“The Ecozoic era is a geologic era of mutually enhancing human-Earth relations” (glossary of The Universe Story)

We live in very dark, destructive, biocidal, geocidal times, with no guarantee of survival. Having a past does not guarantee a future.

However, we are the living edge of a 13.7 billion year Universe-energy creative thrust, and a 4.5 billion year Earth-energy creative thrust that seems silly to gamble against. So, we do what we can, while we can, to prepare for the dawning, life-sustaining, new geologic era.

As a human family we are making great changes. Joanna Macy says it this way. We are doing three things simultaneously:

slowing down and stoping all the destruction,
inventing and building life-sustaining new ways,
making a deep shift in values (and cosmology) to permanently support the new ways

EcozoicTimes.Com recognizes the need to stop destruction, and invent new widgets and ways. Yes, yes, yes, we must support the local ecology center, and compost, and insulate the house, and recycle, and ride the bike, and change-out the light bulbs, and grow food, and protest… We celebrate, support, and are guided by those who are drawn to that type of Great Work. Ecological and environmental practices are necessary but not sufficient.

Our focus is farther “up stream”, on the deeper values and cosmology that creates the widgets and ways in the first place.We are guided by big, deep structures like archetypes, and innate evolutionary powers and forces. We celebrate the unique subjectivity of each “thing” and being, but we always try to link it to the mysterious, creative forces from whence it came. And to which it will return.

We believe humans are as integral and important to Earth’s thriving as the Colorado River of North America, the tropical rain forests of Brazil, or the snow leopard of Asia.

While we celebrate the man, Thomas Berry, who brought us these insights, we also celebrate how his ideas are moving forward in the world.

Submission Ideas and topics we need addressed – just a few – there are more!

  • how have the visions of Thomas Berry activated you (your organization, your art, your organizing, etc)
  • what is the difference between environmentalism, sustainability, and Ecozoic
  • examples of mutually enhancing human-Earth relations
  • examples of increased complexity, subjectivity, communion, cooperation
  • examples of Ecozoic living
  • resources
  • what is meant by Thomas’s “four wisdoms”
  • explain “interiority” and how it relates to spirituality and the power/dynamics of the universe
  • how “mutual” must “mutual” be to be considered “Ecozoic”
  • Universe Story, New Cosmology, New Story
  • The person & contributions of Thomas Berry in relation to the Universe Story in relation to the Ecozoic Era