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The mission of Dream of the Earth is to take on Thomas Berry’s challenge, “to reinvent the human.” In this light, our work is to bring attention to the story of the Universe as a sacred journey, to awaken ourselves and others from the unsustainable trance we’re in, to activate people’s natural sense of awe, and to inspire them to orient themselves within this story — within the community of life, in order to participate with full consciousness in the “dream of the Earth.”


The purpose of Dream of the Earth is to:
· Provide opportunities for learning about and celebrating the story of the Universe by way of classes, workshops, reading groups, film screenings, storytelling, art making, rituals, and other activities.
· Collaborate with other community groups, both secular and religious, as well as with schools and individuals who have an interest in our deep history.
· Connect the story of the Universe with current activities that foster a mutually enhancing relationship between humans and the greater community of life, as an underpinning and interconnecting world view.