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This is the website of the Great Turning Times, a free email newsletter about finding our power to respond to global crisis. Bringing together ecology, psychology, spirituality and global issues, it lists events, news and resources to support the shift towards a life sustaining society.

Our starting point is a recognition that our world is in danger. We face a number of serious threats that include climate change, depletion of resources, rising toxin levels, destruction of ecosystems and a growing gulf between the materially rich and poor parts of our world. For many on the planet, as droughts and extreme weather events increase, the crisis is here already. This may sound gloomy, but it is just the start of the story.

Many great tales of adventure begin with the appearance of an overwhelming threat. But what makes these stories compelling is the way the central characters rise to the challenge and respond. The same can be true with our lives too. If we succeed in making the changes required in our times, future generations may look back on the early twenty-first century and talk of it as the time of The Great Turning. This is a story that each of us can become part of. It involves the radical transformation of our society and way of living, so that we move away from a lifestyle and economy that are destroying our world. Joanna Macy, the US author and activist who has done much to popularise  the term The Great Turning, identifies three main dimensions.

  • Campaigns and acts of protest to counter the destruction
  • Building positive alternatives and sustainable ways of living
  • A deeper shift in values, thinking and culture to support this

To bring about such a huge change may feel a daunting task. To take this on, we need to train ourselves, to deepen our courage, determination and wisdom. This training may involve psychological and spiritual practices, such as The Work that Reconnects, a workshop based approach to empowerment developed by Joanna Macy and her colleagues. This website, and the newsletter, are designed to keep you informed about such trainings. They also aim to keep you informed about the threats we face and constructive responses to them.