Our Common Story: Promoting Big History Worldwide

from their website
Who are we? How did we get here? What does it all mean?
After thousands of years trying, we can answer two of these big questions. Modern science has discovered a progressively factual account of the universe and ourselves. It spans some 13.7 billion years from the primordial flaring forth of the early universe to the rapid flaring forth of our global civilization. The story blends cosmology, physics, chemistry, geology, biology, anthropology, sociology and history into a single, compelling narrative. It encompasses all nations, all cultures, and all times. We call it Our Common Story.
What does it all mean? That depends on how you interpret this great story and the future we create together in the 21st century and beyond. This grand history is perhaps the most remarkable achievement of human civilization, but it is rarely taught and studied as such. It may also be an essential tool in securing Our Common Future –promoting excellence in education, transcending dangerous conflicts, and effectively addressing the economic and environmental challenges of our global civilization.

Editor's Note: Betty Kissilove brought this movement and website to my attention. Big History is a kind of synonym for the Universe Story.