The Big Ideas

Thomas Berry had many big ideas. Here are a few that resonate with me.

Earth is Primary

Our Current Moment – Thomas wanted us to be very sober and clear about where we were in the story of Earth, what chapter we found ourselves living in. We live in the chapter at the end of the Cenozoic and the bifurcation point between the technozoic and Ecozoic eras. Just like when you read a map you need to know where you are in order to know how to plan your route to your destination. Humanity must plan its route to the future.

On a smaller time scale, it is also important to know where we are in terms of cosmological forces:

Day and Night World Map – put in your location to see the distribution of sunlight and shadow over the planet

The Moon Phase should be over here on the side >>>>>>

World human population

As of February 14, 2011 08:09 UTC (EST+5)

U.S.  = 310,816,487
World = 6,899,845,810
Carbon Dioxide atmospheric parts per million
When this feature was added to this blog in January 2011, at  Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii, NOAA-ESRL the CO2 ppm was 391.19
Now it is…
 Current data for atmospheric CO2
  • Countries that constitutionally recognize the”rights of nature”
1. Ecuador
2. Bolivia
3. New Zealand

Reinventing the Human

“Reinventing the Human” is one of Thomas Berry’s big ideas and one of his key phrases. He had a gifted way of putting big ideas into everyday words. To reinvent the human was one way to say “we have to start again but include Earth in our cultural forms”. Below find some examples of humans reinventing themselves.

Mutually Enhancing

Earth Jurisprudence

Psychic Energy

The Great Work

A clip from “Thomas Berry Speaks” by Martin Ostrow on YouTube

Film info is on this website at

The Universe Story