The Mystique of the Earth, Thomas Berry interviewed by Caroline Webb, 2003

From Caduceus, Spring 2003, Issue 59, the article begins…

I have been having coffee with Confucius, for heaven’s sake.
This person is as giant a thinker as Confucius – and I’ve
been having coffee with him!’ Speaking at a conference in
Berkeley California in November 2002, cosmologist Brian
Swimme recalls his astonishment after his first meeting in 1982
with the person who has emerged as one of the leading thinkers of
the world, and who became his primary mentor and co-worker:
Thomas Berry. The description seems apt. As the seminal influence
of this American monk, philosopher, cultural historian, poet and
teacher continues to expand into all fields of society, it would seem
that Berry’s contribution is most especially that of a visionary.
Visionaries and prophets are known for their interference with
complacent social beliefs and Thomas is no exception. His call to
us – whatever the field we work in – is to come off the pedestal of
human superiority over nature and expand our horizons far beyond
our anthropocentrism, all the way out to the stars.
Emphasizing time and again that the real context for all human
affairs is the universe which gave birth to us, Berry’s life work has
been to call humanity into a new partnership with the Earth, imbued
with reverence and wonder, which he describes as ‘a mutually
enhancing relationship and presence’. In that altered relationship
and presence lies the key to a true sustainability for all life, far
into the future…..

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