Thomas Berry Speaks, 2006

Thomas Berry Speaks “The Great Work”, (11 mins.) + “The Power of Story and The Capacity for Change”, (15 mins.)

DVD, 2006, Producer, Marty Ostrow

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At 86 years of age, eminent cultural historian Thomas Berry, in an extended video interview, shared his primary concerns for the well being of our planet at this critical moment. Two essential video talks are now available from that session.

“The Great Work”, (11 mins.)
An introduction to Thomas Berry. He states his fundamental concerns for the planetary crisis at hand, “the Great Work” that confronts us.

“The Power of Story and The Capacity for Change”, (15 mins.)
Thomas Berry’s prescription to remedy our crisis. He suggests the need for a new cultural story of the universe and he offers clear reasons for hope and change.

Fine Cut Productions, LLC is an independent documentary film production company, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Producer Marty Ostrow is the director of Fine Cut Productions. He has been making award winning television documentaries for more than twenty-five years.

” These video talks provide a beacon of clarity and inspiration. Ideas to live with for a lifetime. Their strength is in their simplicity. It’s just like having Thomas Berry present in your living room, sharing his concerns and hopes for the planet with you.”

Mary Evelyn Tucker, Forum on Religion & Ecology at Yale University