The Ecozoic Era by Thomas Berry, audio & transcript, 1991

Thomas Berry’s 1991 E.F. Schumacher Society Lecture entitled “The Ecozoic Era”

Editor’s Notes: Hear Thomas himself introduce you to his idea of the Ecozoic era.

Listen to it live here: (52:05)

Synopsis: (from the web site )

We presently face a radical transition in Earth’s history. “[W]e have already terminated the Cenozoic period of the geo-biological systems of the planet. . . . A renewal of life in some creative context requires that a new biological period come into being, a period when humans would dwell upon the Earth in a mutually enhancing manner.” Berry outlines the conditions required for the emergence of an Ecozoic Era, a time for healing the damage done to Earth and learning to live in harmony with it again. Drawing on the experience of Native Americans, he urges renewed understanding of the Great Story: the combined stories of community, Earth, and universe. Berry calls on Elders of the Tribe to inspire future generations with this vision, since only with a new myth to replace the current entrancement with a destructive technology will they “be able to endure the pains of transformation” sure to come.


Here is the almost perfect transcript of the above lecture, a pdf of someone’s computer print-out:

And the transcript as a chapter of a book (any body know what book?):