Thomas Reads Nine of His Poems

One of Lou Niznik’s video’s, now on YouTube, of Thomas reading his poetry.

Published on April 29, 2012 by thegreatstory (Connie and Michael)

One of the last videos made of Thomas Berry (1914 – 2009) speaking to an audience (Asheville, North Carolina). This performance captures the artistic, playful side of a beloved and influential leader in “Earth literacy” and a deeply meaningful celebration of an evolutionary understanding of this ancient cosmos and of the human journey within it. Filmed by Lou Niznik (1932 – 2011).

Here are the time stops below to instantly access that portion of the video:

00:45 – “Awaken to a Youth”

02:24 – “We are all children of the forest”

06:00 – “The Quiet Hills of Carolina”

10:05 – “Valentine Season” (“The Great Red Oak”)

14:40 – “Earth’s Desire”

18:05 – Late Summer in Carolina

20:52 – (story of his family and especially of his mother)

24:23 – “The Old House” (“There were lilies in the field”)

33:03 – “A Solstice Poem” (winter celebration at Cathedral St. John the Divine)

43:53 – “An Appalachian Wedding”

Listen to short excerpts of Thomas Berry reciting from his book “The Great Work”

Other websites on Thomas Berry:

“We have a new story of the universe. Our own presence to the universe depends on our human identity with the entire cosmic process. In its human expression, the universe and the entire range of earthly and heavenly phenomena celebrate themselves and the ultimate mystery of their existence in a special exaltation. Science has given us a new revelatory experience. It is now giving us a new intimacy with the Earth.” — Thomas Berry, “The Dream of the Earth” 1988.