Angela Manno – Visual Artist

“The Animal Kingdom” from the All My Relations triptych
The title, All My Relations is a Native American prayer expressing the interconnection of all life. The art work is in the shape of a medicine wheel or mandala, a cognitive tool used in Native American and Tibetan Buddhist traditions. Each piece in this series reveals the Earth as the primary revelation of the Divine. Together they tell the Story of Our Universe, from its inception in the Mind of God through to the flowering of human consciousness. They depict the unity of the spiritual, human and natural world.
This triptych was inspired by the work of Thomas Berry and Teilhard de Chardin which reveals that each of us is the sum total of 15 billion years of unbroken evolution and is totally unique and unrepeatable. Humanity is that being in which the Earth (and the Universe) comes to reflect upon itself. Teilhard called this new dimension of self-reflexive awareness the noosphere (from the Greek word noos, meaning consciousness). Gaia, the ancient Earth Goddess refered to in the title of these works, is the name given to the scientific theory developed by atmospheric chemist James Lovelock, postulating that the Earth is a living organism.
This perception of unity between humans and the Earth is essential to developing a new, benign relationship with our planet. Given the destruction that humans have visited upon the natural world, this view is critical to our survival and the fate of the Earth. We must reclaim the ancient knowing of our intimate relatedness to the rest of Life — to All Our Relations.
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Angela Manno – Artist’s Biography
“Angela Manno has contributed to the Great Work in an astonishing variety of ways: her art, her activism, her Quaker faith, her teaching. All resonate with the message of human-Earth relations so transformed that Earth community is again a realizable goal.”
       — Thomas Berry, eco-theologian, author of The Great Work
Angela Manno’s art and teaching are dedicated to the vision of humanity and the Earth living as one healthy and harmonious being. She is an internationally exhibited artist, writer and educator. She is known for her mastery of a wide variety of exacting media, as well as her pioneering work combining contemporary, western art media with ancient, non-western forms.
Angela has been researching the pattern that connects personal and planetary well-being for nearly 30 years. To that end she has explored many ways of knowing, including indigenous shamanism of North and South America, the Earth Literacy program at Genesis Farm in New Jersey, and in an internship at Solviva Bioshelter with the award-winning practical ecologist, Anna Edey.
She is a graduate of the School of the Spirit (Quaker) Ministry On Being a Spiritual Nurturer.  She created and taught “Eco-spirituality & Action,” a multi-disciplinary, semester-long course on the principles and practices of the Ecological Age to adults and young people at Friends Seminary in Manhattan. It became the basis of the “Eco-Spirituality and Action Minute” (, a further articulation of Quakers’ long-standing Peace testimony that calls for the cessation of humanity’s war against Earth. Her 90-minute digital slide presentation, “Picturing the Ecological Age” features hundreds of images of the ways people are transforming their relationship to Earth and in so doing helping to bring forth the Ecological Age.
Angela’s art can be found in the permanent fine art collections of NASA and the Smithsonian Institution as well as in private collections throughout the world. Her work has been exhibited in museums, and in group and solo shows from Mexico City to Moscow. In 2005 it was displayed at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City as part of a celebration of Teilhard de Chardin, and in 2008 at the inauguration of the Seven Pillars House of Wisdom in New Lebanon, NY. Her art has appeared on book covers including Doors of Understanding: Conversations in Global Spirituality in Honor of Ewert Cousins and in Dr. Albert LaChance’s epic poem Jonah: A Prophecy at the Millennium. Her imagery has illustrated many magazine articles including pieces written by Vice President Al Gore and Matthew Fox.
Angela’s audio-visual program “Conscious Evolution: The World At One“ premiered at John Denver’s Second Annual “Choices for the Future” Windstar Symposium  in (1987) and has been featured since then at conferences on global, spiritual and environmental awareness, including the annual conference of the Association for Humanistic Psychology at Stanford University.
After viewing the audio-visual program in 2007, Joanna Macy commented:
“In her interplay of imagery, words, and sound, Angela Manno evokes the promise awakening within us as we behold the beauty of our Earth in space. This promise, as real as the dangers we face, is portrayed here with rare and simple reverence.”
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