1. Talk and network. Spread the word. Via oral tradition, social media, regular media, dog sled, passenger pigeon….(whoops…too late).
  2. Write. Contribute your original articles, short or long. Maybe your Ecozoic blog gets a link to/from this site. Suggest articles written by others you think should be posted here.
  3. Think. Contribute your ideas to help build all departments of the Resources web page. How do you see the Ecozoic Era emerging?
  4. Research. Find or write articles that clearly and intelligently explain the Ecozoic era. We need to fill out the site’s web pages that explain Thomas’s ideas. And how those ideas are being realized, expanded upon, and moved into the future.
  5. Money. Donations are always happily received to keep the website going. All labor and expenses are a donation and gift of service from Allysyn Kiplinger.
  6.  Most important – Act. Live your life in consonance with the reality and values put forth by Earth.