A Thanksgiving Eve Blessing by Diane Pendola



Take and eat.
This is my body:

turned green in tongues of grass,
turned flesh in grazing herds,
turned love in human hearts.

Take and drink.
This is my blood:
rising in springs, flowing in rivers,
swelling the seas, salting your tears,
your veins full of me.

Take and eat
this sun and soil.
Take and drink
this wind and rain.

Re member me–
Light’s long journey out of Night,
Light’s long journey into Life.

Re member me–
Love’s dawn journey into Day.




The Great Communion of Being By Diane Pendola, from EarthLight Magazine #53, Spring 2005 — Vol. 14, No. 4


Diane Pendola is a spiritual guide and co-founder, with Teresa Hahn, of Skyline Harvest, an eco-contemplative center in Camptonville, California. https://www.ecocontemplative.org/

Meganne Forbes is a watercolor artist living in Carpinteria, California. "Life touches me, and that vision is what I paint." https://www.meganneforbes.com

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