Brian Thomas Swimme: Creating a New World

What do you do to create the world anew? Brian Thomas Swimme has such a lovely perspective on this cultural work we are doing to birth the new cosmology. This email from Brian came across my desk this morning. The power of his comments are self-evident.

10/14/2014 6:23 PM, Brian Swimme wrote:

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to give some support to this great topic started by Elizabeth last week [on another list serve].

People often ask me what graduates of PCC* actually do. Usually the questioner is really asking about the kinds of jobs the graduates get. My answer is always the same: “They are creating a new world.”

If the University of Washington Dentistry School can summarize its educational emphasis with one word – TEETH – I think it is fair to say that PCC can also summarize its educational emphasis with one word – CREATIVITY.

There are all kinds of strategies for evoking creativity but ultimately I think it is important to remember that creativity and love are cosmological synonyms. In particular, there are no set, mechanical procedures for either. We plunge into the mystery of it all and in our mad groping we come up with potent processes that actually work, like the wonderful Salon Habibi**.  Each of you will fall in love in your own unique way and the same is true for finding those soul friends who are uniquely right for igniting and enhancing your creativity.

Rick [Tarnas] and I were discussing all this and we thought we would offer two little things to continue the conversation.

1. Rick will be speaking about creativity, especially in terms of the writing process. This will be a lecture for the Intro to PCC course and will be focused on the students in the course, but if others are interested in listening in they are certainly welcome.

2. I will be lecturing in the Radical Mythospeculation course and will include a short segment of suggestions that might assist you in the challenge of gathering together to support one another’s creativity. Anyone interested is welcome to come.

Finally, let me recommend the courses by Carolyn Cooke who is a beautiful writer, director of the creative writing program at CIIS, and very much aligned with the PCC vision.

All the best,


*PCC stands for Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness, the department in which Brian teaches at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA.
**Salon Habibi was a private support group designed to honor and invoke the creative muse.


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