Gaia Foundation is Hiring – Earth Jurisprudence and Seed Sovereignty

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Dear Friends,

We’re excited to share two opportunities to join the Gaia Team and support our work on Earth Jurisprudence and Seed and Food Sovereignty. If you are passionate about Rights of Nature and working in solidarity with Indigenous Peoples, we are looking for an Earth Jurisprudence Coordinator to help support the growing African Movement for Earth-centred living and governance.

Applications close this Sunday 28th April. 

If you are UK-based and want to help build a better food system, we are recruiting a manager for Gaia’s Seed Sovereignty Programme, which aims to increase the amount and diversity of agroecological seed grown in the UK and Ireland.

The closing date for applications is 1st May.

Further details and links are shared below. Please spread the word and good luck to anyone planning to apply!

Warm wishes, 
Rowan, on behalf of the Gaia Team

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