New Reflections by Thomas Berry at

An exciting new collection of audio recordings and written transcripts have just been posted by Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grimm at their website

They are talks delivered at the Cathedral of St John the Divine in New York City where Thomas Berry was a Canon and an advisor to the Dean James Parks Morton in the 1970s & 1980s.

It will be interesting to hear what ideas were present to Thomas that he would later develop.

The full list is below. Please visit the website for the live links:

Audio Recordings

  • Advent (November 28, 1976)
  • Advent (December 5, 1976)
  • Advent (December 12, 1976)
  • Spiritual Traditions (March 4, 1979)
  • Ecology, Religion, Peace (May 18, 1980)
  • Spirituality and Ecology (November 8, 1981) (read transcript)
  • The Earth Community as the Source of Christian Unity (January 23, 1983) (read transcript)
  • Teilhard de Chardin (February 19, 1984)
  • The Epiphany (February 10, 1985)
  • 11am Service (February 16, 1986)
  • New York in History and Nature (April 10, 1988)
  • Moment of Grace — Earth Mass and Celebration of Thomas Berry’s 80th Birthday (October 2, 1994) (view photos from event)

Written Transcripts

  • Bioregions: The Context for Re-inhabiting the Earth
  • The Earth Community as the Source of Christian Unity (January 23, 1983) (listen to audio recording)
  • The Ecological Age
  • Gaia Institute Lectures (September 28, 1985)
  • The New Story: Comments on the Origin, Identification and Transmission of Values
  • Perspectives on Creativity: Openness to a Free Future (June 1980)
  • Spirituality and Ecology (November 8, 1981) (listen to audio recording)
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