Story of Earth Jurisprudence

A very informative chronology of the development of the idea of Earth Jurisprudence, from its deep roots in time immemorial to today.

It begins:

The following milestones chart the evolution of Earth Jurisprudence or Earth Law, which recognises the Earth as the primary source of law and the need to comply with these laws to restore the health and integrity of the whole Earth Community and future generations. Key dates include the practice and development of Earth Law principles, intercultural exchanges, legal precedents, events, publications and emergence of alliances.

Deep roots – Time immemorial

For millennia indigenous peoples have been living according to the laws of Earth and developed Earth-centred customs, lores and way of life to ensure they maintain the health and integrity of the whole Earth Community, for present and future generations.

Beginning 20th Century

The writings of philosophers such as Jung and Einstein confirmed that for most of human history we have understood that the Earth is the source of law. The industrial belief that law is made by humans is very recent and dangerous – as they and others warned.


Following the Atomic bomb, Einstein warned that: ‘With the splitting of the atom, everything has changed, save our mode of thinking and thus we drift toward unparalleled disaster.’ Einstein reminded us that our Earth is finite.

It continues at

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