Swimme-Tucker film update “Journey of the Universe”

November 30, 2010, updated announcement from Mary Evelyn Tucker and Brian

Dear friends,

You have recently received an announcement about the Journey of the Universe
project and we have had a number of wonderful email responses. Thank you so
much for the support so many of you have shown over the years for this work,
so deeply inspired by Thomas Berry. Your prayers are still much appreciated!

We wanted to clarify a few things regarding the project and where we are.

The website will point you to a fuller description of the project and the
trailer. www.journeyoftheuniverse.org

The film will be broadcast by KQED PBS station in San Francisco sometime
after May 2011. We don't yet know the date but will let you know when we do.

We will be showing the film initially at Yale on March 25 and 26 2010. We
will also be showing it in San Francisco on April 30, 2010. Details will
follow as they come into place. We are delighted to have other showings of
course as the film becomes available as a DVD for purchase in May or June.

A book will accompany the film and is being published in May 2010 (2011?) by Yale
University Press. Here is the information on our website:


Or Yale University Press page


Finally we are still working to complete a 13 part educational series that
will accompany the book and the film and can be used in classrooms or
discussion groups.

You can see that this is a big project – some 7 years in the making and
more than 30 years since Thomas Berry first wrote The New Story in 1978.

We have hired Catherine Butler who is helping us with distribution and may
be able to help with your questions regarding your own plans for showing the
film or buying the book etc.

You may reach her at catherinelynnbutler@gmail.com

We are very limited in staff so we hope you will be patient as we roll this
out next year!

With our warmest wishes and deepest thanks, Mary Evelyn Tucker & Brian

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