The Girl Effect Activates Wisdom of Women – video (3:00)

The Girl Effect – video (3:00)

The Wisdom of Women, needed to shift to a vibrant Earth Community, will never be available if girls don't grow up healthy and safe.

Earth created very particular and important sensitivities, perceptions, and skills in women. The wisdom of a woman living a healthy, safe, and fulfilling life is a cosmological event. When women are allowed to be fully human, population falls, families stabilize, and local economies thrive. When she is not allowed to be fully human it is not only a humanitarian crisis but a cosmological crisis.

While not a perfect New Cosmology constellation of sponsors behind the video (multi-national Nike, for example), the truth of the idea, the graphics, and the "spread-the-word" quality of the video make it a powerful kick-start that will, hopefully, lead to the wisdom of women being more available to help us out of this civilizational predicament.

Please note that any woman reading this might be considered a "Girl Effect" from a few, or many, generations ago. And anyone who is not a woman but who might know a woman – she might be considered a "Girl Effect", too. Maybe we women are the little girls who walked through the door at the end of the animation….

From the website

The Girl Effect is quite simply the greatest untapped solution to eradicating poverty and raising standards of living in the developing world. To unleash it, we need your help to make sure the world knows about it. This is your opportunity to be part of a global mind shift.

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