The Holy Universe – The book and website

David Christopher, inspired by Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme, has written this book and created a lovely website. It is obviously his heart-work.

About The Holy Universe

The Holy Universe: A New Story of Creation and Humanity’s Journey through the Great Transformation is a book (publishing date TBA) that breathes life into the cold, scientific worldview of the universe, transforming it into a living Story of Creation that speaks to the heart and spirit.

The story is told through a dialog between a Seeker and his Sage, who weaves a new creation story from “The Beginning of All Beginnings” to our present-day global crises.

The Holy Universe tells of a humanity that is not a flawed species or an accident of a mindless cosmos; humanity is, instead, an integral part of a deeply meaningful and mysterious Universe. Through the Universe, the Infinite took 13.7 billion years to create us—and has perhaps given us the capabilities to face the global challenges now confronting us.

About David Christopher

David Christopher, author of The Holy Universe, was raised in Northern California, where at an early age he felt a deep disconnection between what the western worldview expected of him, and the damage this worldview was doing to the natural world. Unable to ignore the escalating ecological and social crises he first sensed as a child, he left his corporate and flying careers to pursue a path of learning and teaching about our need to face the ecological, social, and spiritual crises of our age.

He has been researching and teaching about the “new story” for fourteen years, first as a member of the Speakers Bureau for Vicki Robin’s Your Money or Your Life program, and also as presenter and facilitator trainer of the Awakening the Dreamer Symposiums. His work and his book are part of a growing worldwide effort to cause a major shift in humanity’s consciousness and worldview regarding ecology, social justice, and spirituality. During his career, he has led over 100 workshops and classes, and his work has been featured in articles written about him in The San Jose Mercury News, The Denver Post, the White Plains Citizen Register, The Press Democrat, and the Contra Costa Times.

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