The Interiority of Climate Change

"Human beings are more than material objects, and climate is more than a physical entity."
Yes, of course, I'd forgotten!
What is the interiority of climate change, the psychological dimensions, the ways that it is bringing us together as an Earth Community toward greater complexity and love? Teilhard might call it the "Divinization of Climate Change" (following on his idea of divinization of activities and the divinization of passivities).
This, below, is from one of the email lists of this morning.

Hi D.,

I was wondering whether you are familiar with Mike Hulme's work? He is a respected climate researcher and recently wrote a quite unusual and in many ways creative and innovative book about the discourses surrounding and shaping the climate debate, titled: Why We Disagree About Climate Change. Understanding Controversy, Inaction and Opportunity (Cambridge University Press,

Here's a quote of his work that gives you a flavor of where he is going with all of this:

"We need to approach the idea of climate change from a different vantage point. We need to reveal the creative psychological, spiritual and ethical work that climate change can do and is doing for us. By understanding the ways in which climate change connects us with the foundational human attributes we open up a way of re-situating culture and the human spirit at the heart of our understanding of climate. Human beings are more than material objects, and climate is more than a physical entity. Rather than catalyzing disagreements about how, when and where to tackle climate change, the idea of climate change is an imaginative resource around which are collective and personal identities can, and should, take shape."

Good luck with your work!

Free University Amsterdam
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