Daily Meditations with Matthew Fox

Calling all Lovers of Creation, Social and Environmental Activists, Mystic Explorers, Sacred Earth Keepers:

On Mother’s Day, May 12, 2019, in honor of Gaia, our wounded Mother Earth, I and a dedicated team of helpers, will be launching a series of daily meditations to support your being and your work. We will be launching a Free Daily Meditation that will support your inner and outer work, your contemplation and your action, your mystical and prophetic vocations. We are naming this project:

Daily Meditations with Matthew Fox www.DailyMeditationsWithMatthewFox.Org

Some of the meditations will be brand new and some will be drawn from my past writings. Suggested practices and short videos will be offered at times as well. You are welcome to blog or interact with other subscribers along the way. Building on our Mother’s Day launch, the first few weeks of our meditations will focus first on the return of the Divine Feminine; and then the ushering in of the Sacred Masculine—these themes lie at the heart of the eco-disasters we are facing as a species.

To put it bluntly, Patriarchy with its compulsion to control and extract and take and dominate and play reptilian games of being #1 is killing the earth as we know it and often killing the souls of children as well as other species. It does not have to be that way. Healthy masculinity and the throwing off of Patriarchy is a requisite for defending Mother Earth. As is of course a healthy feminine energy that feeds mothering, caring, nurturing and the practice of compassion and justice.

With the United Nations Scientific Report on the climate change crisis telling us we have less than 12 years left to turn our ways about as a species if we are to slow climate change down at all, we are feeling the need for all of us to do what we possibly can. This is clearly a time for All Hands on Deck! For this reason we are offering these Daily Meditations to contribute to the struggle that is clearly both an inner as well as an outer one.

I hope you will join me in this daily meditation project and invite your friends and families and communities to join as well. Use email, your fb pages, twitter, Instagram, whatever! Just send them this link : www.DailyMeditationsWithMatthewFox.org We want to get it into as many hands as possible, especially that of young adults who have some big lifting to do to save mother earth as we know her.

In these meditations I will be drawing out themes that I have been developing in my work for the last fifty years where I tried to take treasures from the burning building of our Western spiritual heritage to inspire and train mystics and prophets. We will be creating a conversation with emerging movements of eco and gender justice as well as those of interfaith or deep ecumenism. My goal is to create a creation-centered vision and practice for a spirituality that can nurture and help sustain mystics and prophets for our times with a “Great Turning” upon us. Creation spirituality has always been eager to incorporate science and in our day a new cosmology assists us to grow our souls larger and our hearts stronger. Hopefully by drawing on the riches of the CS lineage we can be better empowered to carry on healthy resistance and inspire creativity that leads to authentic transformation of hearts as well as structures.

I am deeply grateful for the team that is assisting me in this special gift we are sharing with others. That team includes Dennis Edwards, Rick Reich, Gail Ransom, Ellen Kennedy, Jill Angelo, Phila Hoopes, Adam Bucko, Mariko Pitts and Brian Nguyen.


Matthew Fox

Read more here at DailyMeditationsWith MatthewFox.org.

Read the above announcement that includes Matthew’s calendar here.


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