Being Lead to Braiding Sweetgrass

How many times do you have to be led to something before you understand it is good for you? Apparently for me it is five.

A number of years ago my friend Karen raved about Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. The publisher quotes author Elizabeth Gilbert calling it “A hymn of love to the world.” So of course I immediately bought it. I read a few pages, but then something else commanded my attention and it’s been sitting on my bookshelf collecting dust ever since.

Last Sunday at a picnic Dawn mentioned that she and Loren really liked the book. Note to self, I have that book still, somewhere.

Then on Tuesday on a video conference call for members of The Order of the Sacred Earth community, of which I am one, I mentioned that I felt lost. Not necessarily speaking directly to me, not one but two members mentioned how Braiding Sweetgrass was salve for their souls. Light goes on in my head.

Let’s count. So that makes Karen, Dawn, Loren, and two OSE folks. Five.

Guess what I’m reading? Yup, Braiding Sweetgrass. It is beautiful.

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