Educating in the Ecozoic – an online conference

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From K. Lauren de Boer (please see previous post for his bio):

For the past 12 + years, I have been facilitating on-line seminars through the Institute for Educational Studies (TIES), a group started by Phil Gang and Marsha Snow. The outreach has been primarily to the Montessori community with some outside of that community as well.  The entire coursework is grounded in ecology and cosmology and draws heavily on the work of Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme, Fritjof Capra, and others, as well as Maria Montessori’s cosmic vision for education the child. This has been driven and developed all these many years by the vision of Phil and Marsha.

I am part of an on-line conference organized by TIES starting in January, “Educating in the Ecozoic.” I hope you will join us for this important online conference.

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Click here to go to the conference website.

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