Human-human relations trump human-Earth relations?

Boy, oh boy, since the election of November 2016 and the inauguration in January 2017 it has been impossible for me to get a leg-up on things Ecozoic. I expend so much effort just trying to follow and understand the unfolding events of the day I’ve got nothing left for the beloved Ecozoic. Well, that’s not quite right. It’s not that I don’t have any energy left for it, it’s just that it seems too far away from what is important in the moment. The house is on fire here in America. I don’t have the attention span to also notice how the world is on fire.

I share this because it is a perfect example of how larger issues get eclipsed by smaller, more immediate ones to our daily lives, how the local mind eclipses the “world mind”. I’m living it daily and I know other Americans are too. Likely non-Americans as well.

With each political news event in these last three months – and especially in the last (very, very long) two weeks –  I feel my Ecozoic mind trying to telegraph to my Cenozoic mind the Ecozoic interpretation of the news but I just can’t quite receive it. It is too vague, small, quiet, distant.  Maybe it is too early in the unfolding of this 45th Presidential story. Maybe there is not enough stability, not enough purchase yet in the story, to know what is so. Too much dynamism. Maybe things are too molten, not cool enough yet to lay an Ecozoic narrative over it. Which is also an example of how easy it is to ignore the larger narrative, the greater cycle of Earth’s story, when the smaller human story is chaotic.

I am able to remind myself that the Ecozoic still exists even if I cannot fully sense it these days. I guess that is a good place to start.

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