Joanna Macy on Her 90th Birthday

Happy Birthday to our Ecozoic Elder on her 90th Birthday!

A lovely tribute from the Gaia Foundation.

Gaia’s Director, Liz Hosken, celebrates the 90th birthday of one of Gaia’s great elders; educator and Earth defender Joanna Macy. She reflects on how Joanna’s ‘Work that Reconnects’ is helping inspire a new generation of movement leaders and activists for  Earth Jurisprudence across Africa.

I first met Joanna in the late 1980s at a workshop on Deep Ecology in the UK. I was astounded.  Within a few hours people from all walks of life, who did not know each other and would not call themselves environmentalists, were sharing their pain for the Earth, for other species, for special places, for the barren world they feared their children would inherit.

What was her magic, I wondered? How did she find the route into people’s guarded hearts so quickly? Through her artful honing of questions and exercises, Joanna took us to the core of our common human experience. Her great gift is to help us remember we are one species, one human family in the web of life, participating in an awe-inspiring, living planet, through whom we are deeply en-souled.

Keep reading the tribute here.

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