Minda the Mammal – “What would it be like to be a little mammal during dinosaur times?”

Listen here: https://jenniferjoyonline.com/podcasts

What would it be like to be a little mammal during dinosaur times? In this 21 minute podcast entitled “Minda the Mammal” Jennifer Joy, who writes and produces science-based podcasts, answers this question as she takes us into the life of Minda, a little mammal living when the dinosaurs lived 65 million years ago.

With sensitive storytelling Joy brings Minda alive with nuance and subjectivity. Joy allows us to experience Minda’s life first hand, as Minda negotiates all the things all mammals must negotiate in the course of a life time. Through Joy’s focus on Minda she deftly brings sweet attention to the human condition and how we are all first and foremost mammals. We all want and need a warm, cozy nest to curl-up in with family, a full tummy, and a partner to have “spicy fun” with.

I love how Joy captures the surprise of embodied experience as it must have been – and still is – experienced by our mammal brothers and sisters.

Followers of Brian Swimme will appreciate how expertly Joy has integrated the power of story telling with science.

This is what radio should be.

Here are all her podcasts, all equally professional, creative, fun and educational:

Jennifer Joy

Jennifer Joy is a New York City-based writer, performer, comic and director, with a passion for science. She is the Artistic Director of the environmental science performing troupe, The SciArt6, whose work is inspired by the latest research in the environmental sciences. Their work includes puppet shows on food, an immersive performance piece on the ecological history of Manhattan, and a “voicestra” following the history of life on earth.

Her solo show, The Physics of Love, a romantic comedy based on the scientific history of the universe, has toured all over the country to rave reviews.  Her quirky take on science news, coupled with her observations about her farm-girl childhood in the Midwest and life as a lesbian in New York City, delight and entertain….

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