We Will Never Give Up on the Web of Life: Reflections on Fukushima a Year Later

by Dennis Rivers

For years the antinuclear movement has been saying to the general
public: pay attention to this information because this bad thing is
going to happen. And now, the really bad thing has happened. What have
we to say to the world now?

I think the current situation calls for a kind of tragic heroism, of the
sort expressed by Winston Churchill when it looked like Britain was
losing World War II. He gave a famous speech in which he said that the
British would never surrender. They would fight in the fields, they
would fight in the hedges, they would fight on the river banks, they
would fight to the last man, but they would never surrender.

Applied to the radioactive poisoning of the Pacific Ocean, I think our
attitude needs to be something like, “save as many species as you can,
you are not going to save them all. Protect as many people as you can,
you are not going to be able to protect them all, but never stop.”

In my mind I hear myself rewriting Churchill speech for the
post-Fukushima era. “We will never stop caring about life, no matter how
bad things get. We will never stop believing in life, no matter how much
of life is destroyed. We will never stop reaching out to care for other
people, and protect them as much as we can, even if we glow in the dark
from radiation, and keel over from leukemia. We will never give up.”

From: nonukes.org/

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